Scaredy Wolf Lighted Vessel


Scaredy Wolf summer 2019 Coe 104 Effetre, double helix and messy color glass. Vessel was blown Igor Balbi style at a flame working torch on a steel blow pipe using various layered applications. Each glass piece is attached to a piece of treated driftwood and has an Led light wired to run on common 110 household current.

I used complicated canes to achieve a more landscape result to mimic and compliment the driftwood piece. I wanted to achieve the look of the landscape of mountains that I see from my
yard. If you look closely at the glass vessel on the right you can almost see the face of a wolf or monster, and on the driftwood is the face of a scared person running from the scary beast. I like
the irony of this beautiful lighted piece having this little secret design embedded in it.

The two vessels measure 12 inches around by 6 inches tall and 10 inches around by 7 inches tall respectively.


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