Emergence Lighted Vessel


Emergence winter 2019 Juried in to the 2019 Glass Conference member exhibit. Coe 104 Effetre, double helix and messy color glass. Vessel was blown Igor Balbi style at a flame working torch on a steel blow pipe using over 5 actual layers and 10 different colors on top to achieve this rich organic saturation of color. Same coloring technique was used to color the glass tubes. I constructed the soft glass tubes after watching a video by Bill Gudenrath where he showed how soft glass tubing is done at the furnace. All the glass pieces have been wired with an Led light and is designed to run on 110 volt common household current.

This piece shows the similarities between transformation and decay. The lighted glass represents a transformation, from cold and lifeless to warm and full of possibilities. The glass flowers shine their light on the driftwood, battered, decayed and yet full of beautiful transformation. I?m often touch and reminded throughout my life that it is often through a decay or death or sorts that one can realize the most beautiful of transformations.

The vessel measures approximately 17 inches in circumference and stands 9 inches tall. The soft glass tubes measure approximately 5 inches long and the Driftwood is 21 inches by 21 inches.


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