Artist Statement

Raven uses a steel blow pipe, Igor Balbi style, adding many many layers and twists of color.

My work explores the richness and depth brought about when glass is illuminated from the inside. I am fascinated by resulting depth that is achieved when I place a light inside these vessels. Lighting something from the inside allows us to see more of the truth of the item. The light shows all the layers, like an inner narrative once hidden now exposed for all to see. Every time you look you might see something different or see more deeply into the layers of the vessels. Much like I imagine what it must be like to peer into the landscapes of someones soul.

The illumination of theses vessels is a metaphor for my life. They represent my own emerging as an artist and a human. I imagine shinning my light from within showing others the truth of who I am. These vessels represent a shorthand of sorts of a visual representation of an inner world without having to go through words to explain the truth – shining through the landscapes of my soul. The difficulty of the process is also much a part of the experience and resulting work. I stayed the difficult course and chose to forge the hard path of my life in order to find the landscape of a life that was the truest one for me. I believe that’s what led me to leave Atlanta and move to Asheville, North Carolina to become a full time glass artist. Much of my work is inspired by my garden and the views of the smokey mountains from my home studio.